The Rules:
13 pieces of folk art to go up on eBay with the eBay sale ending on Friday the 13th.

2012 updated rules

The starting price on eBay has to be $13.13, so artwork has to be cheap and nasty. If you are not willing to sell your art for only $13.13, this is not for you!

There has to be 13 pieces, no more, no less. If you have more that 13 pieces up on eBay you must have 'Friday the 13th' in the title of the 13 pieces for this challenge. Another art you have for sale is not counted.

You can not sell back stock, you must make the art for the 13th.

You can not cheat, unless you are sure you can get away with it.

At least one of the pieces must feature 'Chicken George' because he's the bastard who started this fight!
I don't think we will force this rule, Red Mud wanted that rule in, Chicken George is saying he is sick of all the attention.
So I think the rule should be that you watch the videos below and get a 'feel' for what Friday the 13th is all about. Themes should be 'HORROR' or should be 'PAINT TROLLING' that is making fun of another artist.
If your feelings get shouldn't be part of this.

You must make YouTube videos leading up to the 13th
Below are the sort of videos we would expect!

Handy tip.

Don't put all 13 pieces up at once. Put some up, then make a video. If you see someone has been nasty to you, you now have a chance for pay back with a revenge painting+video


We find out who wins on the 13th (or 14th if you live in Australia) by watching Steven Chandler live on the internet, you need to subscribe to him to find out where is will be. Manic Mark also was live on the livestream last time.

The real winners are the art collectors.

The Folk Art Kiss by 2011 Winner: Bill Flowers

to YouTube channels you should subscribe to, to follow the action.





Red Mud - May 2011

Chicken George - May 2011

ConfusedFolkArtist - May 2011

Bill Flowers - May 2011

Bill Flowers & Victor Maloney - Jan 2012

Chicken George - Jan 2012

Manic Mark - Jan 2012 Wins a CUP?

Bill Flowers & Victor Maloney - Jan 2012 Victor WINS!